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What's Inside...

The Scripped Writer

Scripped provides an online professional screenwriting application that performs all the essential features writers need. Standard "tab" and "enter" shortcuts, auto-complete and script summaries make writing fast and efficient. Access your script from any computer without the need to download software.

Collaboration and Groups

Scripped allows writers to simultaneously work on scripts in real time. Create writing groups to collaborate in your very own virtual writer's room. Members can form private groups or choose to make groups public to attract like-minded artists in the Scripped community. Our upcoming "highlight authorship" and "revision compare" features will soon allow writers to access a comprehensive history of authorship.


Scripped users get access to some of the most exciting contests around. Our network of producers, writers, and Hollywood professionals comes to Scripped to find new talent and read great scripts. Past contests have been run for Edward Burns (actor, producer, director, and writer), Steven de Souza (writer of 48 Hours and Die Hard), Dawn Olivieri (leading actress on Heroes) and Alex Albrecht (popular Internet personality).

Share Your Work with the Creative Community

Scripped is home to an active global community of screenwriters. Members can meet, message and friend other writers, share their scripts and ideas, provide comments, feedback and enter into discussions on any aspect of the process. Reach out beyond the Scripped community by sharing your script on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you'd like.

Script Formats

The Scripped Writer allows members to create scripts in the most popular formats: Screenplay, Stage Play, Sitcom, Audio Play, and Comic Book as well as the ability to switch between them at any time. There is also a General Document format for script treatments or perhaps that novel you've always wanted to write...

Outline Mode / Index Cards

Scripped makes it very easy to create a scene breakdown of your script as an outline or scene cards. Edit scene descriptions in the "Outline Mode" and then download an index card print-out of your outline.

Import / Export formats

Download your script as a PDF with options to add a title page, scene numbers and more. You can also import scripts you have written in other programs. Import your scripts as Text, Rich Text, Word or Open Office. You also have the option to export your Scripped scripts to any of these formats to save or import into another program.


Protect your intellectual property on Scripped by registering your work in our Vault. Whether you are protecting a work-in-progress or a completed work, registering your script provides you with peace of mind AND the authentication you need to prove you are the original author of the uploaded document.

Offline Mode

Scripped is the first screenwriting software in the industry to offer a completely seamless online/offline software integration. You can automatically syncronize your offline scripts with your Scripped account, allowing you to keep writing from anywhere! If you don't have access to the Internet, you can open and edit your scripts as much as you like. Whenever you reconnect to the Scripped site, your scripts will be automatically updated. The original application is no longer supported and we are currently working on a much more robust offline tool.