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This form is our general bucket. Feel free to pour your heart out on pretty much anything.

For best results, go to our Help Center where users and Scripped admins will answer questions as quickly as they come in!

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Send us something really nice and we'll send you back some stickers or even a free limited edition t-shirt! Of course you'll need to include your own mailing address to get our goodies.

Please note that although we are nice people and are here to help to make your Scripped experience as seamless as possible, we may not be able to respond within 48 hours of every request. But we'll definitely try our best.

You should also check out our Help Center!

Other Ways to Contact Us

You can also:

  • Climb up to the Hollywood sign and yell, "Hey Scripped guys, I have a big question!" We might hear you from the Scripped mansion terrace where we're likely sipping mojitos in the sun with our netbooks open, checking email.
  • Write a script about contacting the Scripped guys. Then get HBO to produce it and we'll watch it in HD. From the Scripped mansion.
  • Send us a tweet to @scripped. If we respond via Twitter, every one of our thousands of followers will benefit. This option is most preferrable, but we don't do as great a job responding because we get more Tweets than emails. Just an FYI.
  • Try us on Facebook. We like Facebook, but like so many companies, we're still figuring it out. Facebook is like a college campus with flyers everywhere, and it's debatable how easy it is for our flyer to be found, and how useful it is once you find it. However, hit us up on Facebook and we'll try to respond.
  • When it comes down to it, email is really the best way to hit us with a question or just say hello. We check it often. In fact, between the iPhones and Androids among us, it's safe to say anything you send will be read within 5 minutes of you sending it. But we like to have 48 hours to respond.
So the lesson is this: Hit us at for the quickest response!