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You don't get to be the number one screenwriting community and software without making a lot of people happy.

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Scripped Writer is the best (most popular, most trusted, most used) screenwriting software on the web. Discover what the biggest names, schools, script competitions and content buyers already know. Join our more than 100,000 writers and start writing, submitting to contests and earning money today.

Here are some of Scripped's biggest fans:

  • Ed Burns, Writer, Director, Actor
  • Steven de Souza, Writer, Producer
  • Spike TV
  • Richard Walter, Screenwriting Guru
  • Author Solutions
  • Funny or Die, UK
  • Talenthouse
  • Dawn Oliveri, Heroes, Actor
  • San Francisco Film Society
  • Alex Albrecht, Diggnation

The press are fans too!

So what is the Scripped Writer anyway?

Scripped Writer is a fast, easy and powerful approach to screenwriting.

Use it wherever you go:  at work, on your friend's computer, or at school. Rather than installing something like Celtx or Final Draft, your scripts are safely stored online, accessible from anywhere.

What are users doing on Scripped?

100,000+ screenwriters are writing and selling scripts on Scripped.

Users get to participate in exclusive Scripped events, join discussions, and submit to exclusive contests with CASH PRIZES.

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Why is Hollywood raving about the largest community of screenwriters on the Web?

No other online community gives writers the unique opportunity to write, learn, and make money. Scripped writers gain exposure to content buyers and educational & collaborative opportunities you can't find anywhere else!

Nobody loves Scripped like a Scripped User!

Scripped provides me with a variety of features online that not only help me work on my craft but provides me with a community of support from other passionate writers. --Erin Caslavka, San Francisco
Scripped gives me immediate feedback on my scripts... its a fantastic site! --Butchtastic, San Francisco
I'm no stranger to Scripped. I know all the rules and I'm very committed to using it, you wouldn't get this from any other site. I'm never gonna give it up! --Rick, England